Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Why I really shouldn't exercise in the company of others

Back to school means the gym is fuller than usual, especially in the mornings. And that means that sometimes there is only one machine free downstairs.
I hate exercising next to people because I make a lot of noise. I grunt and puff and I sing along to my iPod. In short I think I'm really annoying, so what other people think must be much worse. I always try to leave at least two ellpiticals free on either side of me. Today that wasn't possible. The choice was take the free machine or go lift weights without warming up. So I sucked it up and jumped on. Then I noticed that I had inserted myself between ultra-fit man and tireless woman.
This is the other reason I shouldn't exercise with other people. I am horribly competitive. I could not get off the machine until the people on either side had finished. And I had to match their fitness level too. So I set the elliptical at cardio/random, plugged in the iPod and walked.
I figured I was good for thirty-forty minutes, but after twenty it was getting to be really hard work. My lips were fizzing and my legs felt like lead. A normal person would have stopped, tested their BG and taken some dextrose. A stubborn person might have reached into their pocket pulled out the dextrose, and chewed it while exercising. A complete idiot would think: I can't stop now, these people were here before me and they are still going. I'm never going to be fit if I quit.
Luckily, at that point the tireless woman got off and a few minutes later the ultra-fit man started his cooldown. I was now going so slowly I think I was going backwards. I got off and went to test my BG. I was so hypo I could barely read it, but I think it was 36. Oh, shit. I didn't bother with the weight-lifting today and it was nearly 30 minutes before I was fit to drive home.
Well, at least I'm only a danger to myself when I disobey the one free machine on either side rule. Look what could happen if men disobey urinal etiquette.

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Shannon said...

I always think of you after I workout, because with the worries of lows, I think I'd be too scared to do anything that might make me low.

I think you're doing great with your workouts and am so proud that you go full throttle :)

And I agree about the urinal/cardio equipment too!! I feel like I'm invading someone's space if I get on a machine right next to them, LOL.