Monday, December 11, 2006

Doing What You Have To

I finally had to give in today and do something I'd been putting off for almost a week. I've been unable to get a work out at the gym since December 1st because I can't walk fast, pedal or sit without it being literally a big pain in the butt. Consequently my BG has been rocketing skywards for the last few days. I've been correcting with extra units of Humalog to keep it in check during the day but the morning levels have been above 270 since Friday.
So this morning I took an extra 10% Lantus and like magic my BG has been below 126 ever since. I don't know why I'll take an extra bolus here and there but upping the basal rate makes me feel like the diabetes is getting worse. That's truly crazy, right?
I'm sure this is just a temporary thing until I can get back to the gym but it goes to show that exercise makes a big difference to glucose levels, mine at least.


George said...

That is not crazy. I felt like such a failure when I had to up my basal rates and my Carb ratio.

As soon as you get back to the gym everything will be peachy again.

MileMasterSarah said...

I haven't exercised for a good six weeks, and I'm not planning too until January. I've watched my TDD's go up from 35u/day to 40-45u/day. Ah well. At least my blood sugars are decent!

Scott said...

I think it shows a sign of responsibility and positive action, rather than anything getting worse.

And you'll just feel that much better when you can start getting some exercise back in the mix and reducing the basal rates.

Carol said...

I don't know why insulin is such an emotional drug, but it is. Basal tweaks are hard for me too, whether up or down. Status quo rules sometimes, and so does denial.