Sunday, April 23, 2006

Feeling a little nerdy

I've been spending a couple of hours doing geeky stuff to my websites due to the incessant rain that has been falling in this part of the world. So my brain and my fingers have been getting a great work out but the rest of my body has barely moved. BG has been kinda low for a while so it's no big deal but if I don't get some exercise every day I feel really cranky and a little bad tempered, so I'm going to get on the evil running machine for half an hour.
Before I go, a word to those who put the DiabetesOC webring navigator bar on their blogs and find it only points to a 404 error message - some webmail hosts insert forward slashes before and after html commands to foil cyberspace baddies. This renders the command invalid and you need to remove them manually *sigh*.
Wouldn't it be good if everything worked just the way we wanted it to?

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