Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Of course you can

Finally after I had left messages on every voicemail at the endocrinologist's office I got a call back. They wanted to know how many testing strips I needed. As the number times I test a day depends on
i) what I'm doing
ii) what my last BG result was
iii) how I'm feeling: low, high or just plain weird
iv) my mood: can I be bothered to test or should I just wing it
the number of test strips I go through per day varies from a couple to ten. I guestimated eight which is what we applied for last time and the insurance paid for no questions asked. The nurse was about to call the Rx through when I reminded her I hadn't had my bloodwork results yet.
Well score for me 'cos the A1c was down another .5, making a drop of 2.8 since February. Pretty cool, I thought, because I live in fantasy land where the magic number is <7. Apparently in the new real world the number to aim for is <6.5. Is this like when they raised the perfect score on the SATs to 1600 making those who took the exam years ago look stupid? Or when the medical profession dropped the LDL for diabetics to <70 and I became a bad person who needed another drug overnight?
Obviously I'd like it to be <5.9 but that isn't going to happen. So <6.5? If I can get it there without keeping my control so tight I go hypo every day, and without huge swings in the amount of glucose running around my bloodstream, I will. But a word of encouragement wouldn't have gone amiss.


Minnesota Nice said...

The n u m b e r s sometimes make my head spin like a gyroscope. I think the improvement over the last few months seems like a major big deal and is its own reward.
I'm going in two weeks and can already feel my stomach tightenng, just a tad. I get the results in a letter and always lay it on the counter for a couple hours before I open it. There has been more than once when I've started sobbing because it was higher than I expected, but I'm already programming my "self talk" for the upcoming one, and hope that I can once again try to just look at it as information.

Good luck!!
Good luck.

cHoCoMiLkRoCkS said...

i hate when i get asked how many strips i use a day. i've gone through like 25 in one day. ok i was drunk and paranoid and freaking out but still.

i hate test strip restrictions we should be able to have as many as we need.

Scott K. Johnson said...

I too think the improvement is really great.

I often like to refer back to Kassie's "Numberless A1C Scale". I'm way out in fantasy land myself, so I feel you on that one.

I also agree with pumping princess - why the limits on stuff - would they rather pay for complication treatments down the road? Idiots. I guess they all figure we'll be on someone elses plan by then.

art-sweet said...

Oh those numbers. Those icky icky numbers. It just seems like they keep pushing the goal just a teeny bit further out of our reach.

That said, congrats on the lower A1C!