Monday, August 07, 2006

Training myself

The third of my reduced price personal training package was early this morning and I've learnt another thing. My right upper arm is much stronger than my left. The Trainer is keen that I work both sides equally so I'd don't exacerbate the problem, which means that, at the moment, I'm working well inside my comfort level on one side while the other arm hurts like crazy.
Since I gave up doing stomach shots a while ago I seem to have used my left arm as a Humalog pin cushion. Actually, more of a bullseye. I do the Lantus injection in different places on my upper legs every evening, but without giving it any thought I jam the pen needle in the same spot in my arm three times a day. I have definitely bruised the muscle.
So from now on I will make an effort to switch arms as well vary the injection site on each arm. That's in addition to figuring out the carb ratio and correction bolus. I think maybe I need a diabetes personal trainer as well.

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