Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Please can I get my results?

It's a week since my last endo appointment and I've been trying to pick up my results since Friday. I've been leaving messages on their answerphone (press 20 for the results service) and at the switchboard but no one phoned me back. Then yesterday afternoon I phoned the refill service (5) and left a list of meds I needed. This morning they left me a message to say they had a couple of questions. I'm going out of town on Saturday so I want to make sure I have adequate meds. I have phoned back five times (extension 11) but no-one is picking up. I'd go to my PCP but his office is shut for a week.
I guess I have to sit on the phone and call every five minutes until I get a real live human being. I wonder what would happen if I had a medical emergency? I certainly wouldn't bother if I had a casual query.

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mel said...

Does dialing "0" or pressing "#" or "*" get you through to a live person? This works for most major corporations' automated phone services. I usually try to just give all the wrong answers, until it is impossible for the computer to help me anymore :) Not choosing an option will sometimes accomplish this. Goodluck! I spent Fourth of July weekend last year rationing test strips--I know the feeling.