Thursday, August 10, 2006

What about the insulin?

The latest terror threat means that international flying is going to be extremely trying for a while. The media is reporting that no liquids will be allowed on flights, except in checked baggage, and a reporter said the TSA screeners had confiscated her eyeliner.
I have to fly to Canada on Saturday (another year, another visa in the passport) and I'm wondering if I can carry on my Lantus and my Humalog pens. I normally don't let them out of my sight because no one can guarantee that both myself and my luggage will arrive at the same place at the same time.
Even during the extreme airport security after 9/11 no one stopped me carrying a pack of syringes. When I asked what I should with the sharp objects I was carrying, the check-in attendant told me to hand them to the screeners and they would ensure that I would be given them back on the plane. That made zero sense to me. If I was planning to take out someone with a syringe full of insulin, I would surely be doing that on the plane, not in the airport terminal. Then it occurred to me that they would stand over me while I took my shot and then confiscate my stuff for the rest of the flight. I didn't fancy that idea either. In the event the screeners searched my hand luggage and didn't say a word about the pen or the syringes and I never asked the question again.
I guess I'll just make sure that I have the prescription slip for the insulins with me and hope for the best. And I'll pack my liquid eyeliner in the check-in bag.

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jill said...

i'm flying home tomorrow too .. insulin is on the "exceptions" list. i'd bring a prescription with your name on it just to be safe, but the TSA website says it's not a problem.