Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Two months on

Yahoo! Avatars

This is what I thought I'd look like after two months of serious cardio and resistance training.

This what I really look like

OK, I exaggerate.
The dog is thinner than I am.


Scott K. Johnson said...

I'm sorry, but I can't help to chuckle. I don't feel bad because I'm sure that's what you intended...

It worked!

Why is it that this sometimes happens when we are just trying to do what's good for us?

Kerri. said...

I'm sorry, too. I laughed out loud big time at the rumpled dog in a cast.

Exercising is a pain in the ass. I admire you for sticking with it.

George said...

LOL - I know. How come we can't get the results we expect and deserve in record time like we should? Stick with it! Thanks for the giggle.

Shannon said...

LOL. You're doing great! It's been 2 months...keep going...I'm right behind you! We'll do this together :)

Shannon said...

Hey it's taken me a whole year to lose weight. You'll lose it quicker than I did!!