Thursday, March 01, 2007

Sometimes I wonder why I marrried him

Out to dinner with friends (It's amazing how many of my posts start out with that phrase. We don't spend all our time socialising, I promise you) we reach the dessert course, apple crisp a la mode, share. The husband takes a spoonful of the ice cream and starts a violent sneezing fit. Turns out he has an allergy to dairy products but loves gelato so he risked it. Apparently he does this all the time.... He leaves the table to sneeze it all out and after a while I suggest to my man he go check on our friend. His wife brushes this aside, "He'll be fine, and if he's not he's well insured". This is obviously a joke but then my man tops it with "Jane just has to inject me with insulin".
Not funny. Is he really worried that after all these years I am going to kill him off for the life insurance? Doesn't he know that I'd be the prime suspect as I stand to inherit and an autopsy would show he'd died from an overdose of insulin. Does he really think I would waste a life-saving drug that way?
If I was going to bump him off it would be because he had made me really mad and I could see in the heat of the moment I might hit him over the head with a Le Creuset pan, but give him a shot? No. What if I got the dose wrong?
I think subconciously he has a hard time dealing with diabetes, much harder than I do, but he'd never admit it.

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