Monday, July 17, 2006

How about them apples?

A couple of months ago (Memorial Day weekend to be precise) I was buying cleaning supplies in a big supermarket, rather than the wholefoods place I usually shop in. I needed some flowers to cheer up the kitchen but there wasn't a great choice. Then I spotted a huge bag of green apples for $1.99. That's way less than flowers would cost and I do love a bargain, and I figured the green would look pretty punchy on the island.
I emptied them into a glass bowl and there they've sat ever since. I've stopped family and friends from eating them, steering them to the organic apples in the refrigerator. Every week or so I flick a cloth across them. And I've turned them once to make sure there is no rot starting as they are pretty closely packed in there.
The thing is, they are right above the cooktop and everything else I've placed there: lemons, limes, oranges and even other apples, has started to decay after a week or so. The other weird thing is that they have absolutely no smell. They could even be fake fruit, I have no intention of biting into one to find out.
I'm wondering what they have been sprayed with, would it be safe to eat? If I get hold of some and spray it on me would it halt the aging process? I'm also intrigued to know how long they can possibly last. So we are currently taking bets. I think they'll last until the visitors leave the beginning of August. Others are betting on Labor Day and Thanksgiving. One person who knows me well is betting I'll get bored with them and pitch them before they decompose.

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julia said...

They're pretty. But I wouldn't be having a bite any time soon. I swear, they coat them with some sort of waxy, ever-lasting preservative - you could spray yourself with it, but you'd probably get this weird George Hamilton/Vincent Price thing going on and that's not good.

I think the heat is getting to me....