Monday, July 31, 2006

Surprise Package

When I got home this evening there was a package for me. I wasn't expecting anything and there was no identifying logo on the box so I couldn't imagine what it was. I had to fight off dearly beloved who loves surprises much more than I do and eventually got the box open.
Guess what it was? An Ascensia Breeze BG Meter. Not something I had ordered although from the generic letter that was enclosed in the package my better half thought I had been hammering the Visa card again.

Now, nicer people than me would probably be delighted to receive a free meter in the mail but it kind of freaked me out. I don't really like surprises at all and when it comes to shopping I like to research everything, weigh up the pros and cons and ruminate for a while before making a decision. So this may be the meter I would have chosen for myself if I was shopping for a new one but I wouldn't know. I really had no reason to search out a new meter as my Lifescan Ultra has all my data on it and is working perfectly well at the moment.
But what really freaks me out is that I have no clue who ordered this for me. It came directly from Bayer HealthCare so there is a 1800 number and I could phone them and find out, but do I really want to waste time dealing with Customer Service? Would they be able to tell me anyway? Could it have been my endo who arranged for it? I was at her office today and she didn't say anything and my last endo had me buy two meters with cold, hard cash so I wouldn't have thought so. My health insurance? If they are sharing my details with Bayer I'd prefer to know in advance.
Hubby muttered something about gift horses' mouths but quickly shut up when he saw the look on my face. He then suggested I put it back in the box and store it in a drawer. Yep, that might work with a more rational less suspicious person.
What should be a good thing has turned me into a paranoid freak and I'm not sure what to do about it. I haven't been this weirded out since I found a piece of rawhide on the doorstep and thought someone was trying to poison my dog.
Any thoughts, anyone?

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Scott K. Johnson said...

I remember once when I ordered a new supply of test strips, my insurance company just went ahead and switched strips (from one touch to accu-chek), and shipped me the accu-chek strips and a new meter.

I didn't like it, but I'm also not terribly particular on what machine I use at home, so I didn't fuss about it. My insurance changed (again) soon enough anyway, so I was back to my one touch strips shortly after.

I too don't like mystery "prizes" - there's sometimes strings attached...

Not to make you more paranoid or anything - but you did ask for thoughts right? :-)