Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Personal trainers kick ass

and thighs, abs, arms and pinkies too. Everything hurts. Really, really hurts. And I'm not joking about the pinkie. I'm back to typing with two fingers on one hand.
Have I been too easy on myself at the gym? Oh yes. 45 lb leg press? That's for kiddies. 60 lb is for wuzzes. 100 lb is where the personal trainer started me because I have nice, strong legs.
Yeah. By the end of the session the nice, strong legs were shaking. You recall the scene from Bridget Jones where Renee Zellweger gets off the exercise bicycle and falls to the ground? That was me.
After 30 minutes lifting and pressing the PT suggested 15 minutes on the elliptical, The only obstacle between the machine and me was two flights of stairs. How bad does it look when you have to crawl downstairs at a gym? I was sweating too much too care. After the elliptical I was pretty much a pathetic pool on the floor.
Today is a rest day. Tomorrow more training.
I will be fit and strong. If it kills me.


Scott K. Johnson said...


Great job!!!

Please, keep us posted!

Shannon said...

You go girl!!

Johnboy said...

Nice job! Don't let the soreness hold you back...you will quickly overcome it.

Kevin said...

Keep it up!

Jane said...

I think you are all sadists, supportive, but sadists.

Kerri. said...

Keep up the good work ... and call Larry Bird if you run into any motivational issues. :)

Jane said...

Who is this Larry Bird anyway? Is he like Gary Mabbutt the diabetic's diabetic?