Friday, July 07, 2006

Mission Fitness Part III

Part one was increasing the daily walking, part two was unearthing the evil running machine from the cobwebs in the basement and actually using it, part three started this morning when I joined a new gym.
My plan was to try put all the gyms in town, pick one I liked that was easy to park at, not full of super fit bodies and not outrageously expensive. This has been my plan for months. It was a great plan but hadn't accomplished anything except a vague feeling of guilt every time I drove by a gym on the way to get a Starbucks.
This morning I woke up stiff from doing nothing more strenuous than carrying shopping bags around the Mall for a few hours and I knew I had to do something. It was time to put the plan into action. The gym I tried was completely scary and intimidating, lots of fit bodies running on treadmills and using the step machines, but upstairs in the weight room it was calmer and after I'd been introduced to the machines I felt better.
Anyway I thought I'd messed around for long enough so I joined for two years and signed up for four personal training sessions. How's that for commitment?
I was so unused to any real exercise that BG went from 179 to 68 in thirty minutes. I guess I'll have to plan snacks and testing really careful until I get into the swing of things.


Scott K. Johnson said...

Hi Jane!

I think that is just great. While that exercise does throw in some extra variables for BG control, I do think it's really worth it.

I think that as long as we're working to better ourselves, we are heading in the right direction.

I think you'll get a lot out of the personal training sessions - even if you can't keep paying for them in the long run (I believe they are expensive?) it may at least build a nice solid foundation to start with.

Best of luck!

Shannon said...

My husband hired a personal trainer at his gym for about 5 sessions. It was just enough to get him into a program that he could adjust on his own after the 5 weeks were up.

I plan to join the gym in September. I'll be able to go during the day when no one is around!! This way I can clunk around the machines like an idiot and no one will be there to I would if I saw someone doing the same thing :p