Thursday, March 23, 2006

Am I defined by my numbers?

You bet I am. After tinkering with insulin doses for the last couple of weeks this is what I woke up to. Just like on the commercials. I haven't seen a number like this for a long while. Unfortunately I had a crashing hypo after breakfast but I'm sure with some more adjustments to the Humalog I can sort that out.
I know that my numbers shouldn't make me happy or sad but I'm dancing at this point.

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Caro said...

Congrats on the great waking number!

I commented on the blog 'Insulin Pump Demystified' the other day about how I was once told to remember that blood glucose results are just a number, not a reflection of my self worth.

But while I might try not to let the results define me, I sure have an emotional reaction to almost every one. Happy, disappointed, confused, frustrated and more.

Diabetes isn't just a rollercoaster in terms of numbers, but in terms of emotions too.