Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Thanks to Scott and Caro (and their comments to my last post) I have been searching for a widget to make the Lifescan UltranotsoSmart work with my iBook. It seems there are a bunch of programmers out there attempting to solve this problem.
Healthengage looks pretty comprehensive at first glance and you can try it out for free, but to buy it costs a whopping $59.99 just for the software and that is the same price as buying the cable and software from Lifescan.
I downloaded Sweetsheet from Children with Diabetes but I couldn't get it to work with my Mac because I don't have MS Office installed on it. If I had MS Office I would be sending the data on an Excel spreadsheet and wouldn't need the widget.
The one I like best is called Insulindiary and it doesn't actually download the data from the meter, it's just a really neat program from stupidFish23. The set up is a cinch, you can pre-set meals, shots, carbs, add health notes and other useful stuff and it's easy to personalise. I can then save the data daily, weekly or monthly and send it in a readable form to the doctor.
The only drawback, and it's a biggie for me, is that the data summarised does not include carbs and I think the doctor would like to know if the insulin I'm taking is covering the carbs I'm ingesting!
Anyway, the batteries in my meter died yesterday evening, probably in protest to the extra testing I've been doing, so I'm off to buy more.


Caro said...

Ah, it seems my suggestions weren't much good then. It is annoying that software has to cost so much. Especially when you are getting it to fulfill a need, rather than for pleasure.

Glad you've reviewed those though. I hope it helps someone else.

Jane said...

no, it was helpful because it prompted me to search further. It is annoying that we have to keep shelling out for diabetes related stuff though.