Monday, March 27, 2006

Living dangerously

To make up for his refusal to volunteer for stem cell research, my angel took me to a movie and dinner in town.
Go see Thank You For Smoking if you can. I laughed and squirmed in equal proportions but all the subliminal messages had me craving a strong drink and steak. We ended up at a new place Wild Fin, in Huntington
You know that warning on menus that people who are elderly, pregnant or with compromised immune systems shouldn't consume raw eggs or meat? Like smokers and the Surgeon General's warnings on the cigarette packets, it doesn't prevent me from indulging. I scoff at it. If there is an asterisk next to a dish, that's what I'm going to have. Not just because I am antsi but because I love unpasturised cheese, mayonnaise, carpaccio and sushi. These are real foods. You can keep your coke, cakes and pastry, I couldn't care less. Gave 'em up, never mourned the day; but raw food, mmmm. So when I saw they had steak tartare on the menu I just had to have it. And then I noticed the asterisk. Guess what? They were offering to cook the Steak Tartare for the immune-system-challenged. Isn't that nice.
Me, I like to live a little. So I had the steak tartare and washed it down with a martini. Question: does neat alcohol paralyse microbes?


Shannon said...

I guess it wouldn't be steak tartar if they cooked it, would it?

I'd like to think that alcohol will kill nasty bacteria....

I'm on a sushi kick right now. I've had it a couple of times a week for the past month or so. The first two times I had it was from a mall food court. I've since been buying it from Hannaford. Screw you microbes!! LOL.

modernemama said...
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Jane said...

Yeah, me too. I bought some at the local Wholefoods and the woman behind me asked "Is that raw fish? How do you eat it? Do you have to cook it first?"
No, people that's the point: raw fish=yummy.