Friday, March 17, 2006

Eat more?

Like I'm not fat enough already. My new dietician studied the charts dealing with the BG readings, carb, insulin and exercise regime and pronounced the reason I wasn't losing weight was that my body was starving itself and had shut down. Therefore I needed to eat more. I hate it when I go to see a medical practioner and I leave feeling more sorry for them then I do for myself. I am not starving my body, I eat about 1200 calories a day; eating more protein for breakfast will cause me to gain lbs that will be a beggar to shake off. I know this, I live it every day. If I eat more, I weigh more. Unfortunately the inverse isn't true: if I eat less , I stay the same. Bad, bad body. It hates me, although sometimes I think it is just trying to protect me but is doing a really crap job at it. I was thinking about this as I drove away from the endo's office. If there was a cure for diabetes, would my body then pick out some other weird autoimmune disease for me to cope with. I then spent the rest of the journey imagining the most obscure one. I finally came up with Sjogren's syndrome. Luckily my sweetie called and invited me out for lunch. Yippee, a chance to take my mind of endocrinology and to eat more. A win-win situation, my dietician will be thrilled.

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