Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Not because I have diabetes, no, but because I use a non-compatible i.e. not Microsoft computer.
In an effort to get my BG chart to the endo's office in a timely manner, and as I consider the fax machine to be on a par with 8-track stereo and they can't read a spreadsheet that isn't MSexcel I thought I would hook up my One Touch UltraSmart meter to the internet and download the results. Hah. Denied. This was the message on the Lifescan form that demanded 59.99 + S&H for a USB cable and the Diabetes Management software that I needed to complete the process:
Note: LifeScan does not have a validated cable or software for use with Macintosh
® computers.

What could be harder than dealing with diabetes? Dealing with lazy companies that can't be bothered to write that extra bit of code. UltraSmart? I don't think so.


Scott K. Johnson said...


Just found your blog via the O.C. website.

Glad I found it, I enjoyed reading your posts.

And there is really no DB company I know of that has anything but MS stuff. Frustrating. Like you say, it's not much extra code! I mostly use MS stuff myself, but used to be a UNIX admin, so I do appreciate your frustrations.

Great blog - I'll check back often.

Caro said...

Hi there,

I also found your blog through the OC site and have enjoyed reading your posts.

I know of two programmes that work with Macs, which you may want to look at.


And SweetSheet, available on the Children With Diabetes Website.

I can't tell you how good they are, because I can't afford a Mac at UK prices right now!

I hope it is ok that I have added a link to you from my site at www.diabetes-wise.net

Shannon said...

I found your site through another D blog. My son has diabetes too.

I TOTALLY agree about Mac discrimination. I have a Mac too and it's frustrating that the companies don't make their programs Mac compatible.

It's a pain :)