Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Vacation Time

So a couple of lapses in the training program due to a weekend trip to Southern California. Something about getting up at 3am to make a 6:30 plane because my sweetie is a sadist and then sitting six hours on a non-stop flight caused the BG to skyrocket to the limit of my meter's capability. This in turn freaked me out and made me feel horrible and wobbly. Several shots of Humalog, a wee nap and a couple of hours later I was much more normal and ready to sightsee. Unfortunately a huge storm struck San Diego, including hail, thunder and lightening so we ran from coffee shop, to lamp shop, to hotel. Whereupon all that extra humalog caught up with me and I tested the lower limits of the One Touch. Didn't feel much like visiting the hotel gym. Beginning to think blood testing isn't that great either.

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