Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Getting fit hurts

The treadmill is going to kill me, or at least cause a nasty injury.
I'm blaming an inanimate object for my own stupidity and clumsiness. Pathetic, but it makes me feel better. Much better than confessing that I was working up a nice glow as I power walked, so I decided to shed a layer of clothing, while the band was in power mode. Somewhere between taking off my iPod headphones and pulling the sweater over my head I lost my rhythm and found myself on the floor at the back of the treadmill.
Yes, there is a warning notice on the treadmill but it says "Do not stand still" it doesn't say "Do not shut your eyes as you take your sweater off as you will stop walking and be propelled backwards so fast you won't know what happened". If it had said that I wouldn't have attempted the feat, honest.

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