Friday, March 24, 2006

Thoughts, please

While I was as happy as a pig in mud about my control the last couple of days (see below), my endo wants to push the envelope to achieve "optimal control". For this she is proposing a couple of options:
i) A pump
ii) Levemir
The problem for me with the pump has always been a mix of vanity (I like my clothes form-hugging otherwise I look like a bag lady), dexterity (my fine motor skills are impaired from another autoimmune disease), laziness (I believe you have to unhook it to shower, swim or have sex) and the big one: ickiness. Even the thought of a catheter has my stomach heaving, and the thought I might accidentally pull it out leading to uncontrollable bleeding....... I am the woman who fainted at the sold out performance of the dark comedy The Pillowman.
As for Levemir, I know nothing about it except it is made by Novo Nordisk. I was a loyal Novopen + Ultratard user for fifteen or so years, but I switched to Lantus (+ Humalog) when it came on the market and I want to know if Levemir will deliver better results than Lantus for me. Does anyone out there have any experiences? I'd hate to be a guinea pig for a wonder drug that wasn't wonderful.
The big drawback for Levemir is that it has to be split am/pm so that would be 6 shots plus corrections, and with the frequent testing I'm starting to feel like a pin cushion.
Any advice?


type1emt said...

I don't have any Levemir experience..but you can always try it.If Lantus/Humalog just isn't cutting mustard, it can't be any worse then that. (you could always switch back, if it didn't work out)
Insuflon is like a pump set, only you
can inject (via syringe) into it. Cuts wayyy down on the number of shots, and you wouldn't have to have the added bulkiness of a pump.(its just a set) Infusion sets aren't that bad, you can't feel them if they're in right. Might be something to consider.
Good luck!

Jane said...

Thanks for the input. It might help with the vanity issue but it's still a catheter though, and I still feel sick at the thought of that.

Penny said...

Hi. I just came across your blog through the OC. My three year old son has Type I.

I read a blog that may interest you. The writter just stopped using the pump and is now using Levimir. She may be a good resource for you.

You can find her at